Archie Mobile App

Cape Book and College Supplies (CBCS) would like to assist  MATHEMATICS students and lecturers at all TVET Colleges nationwide during this challenging lockdown period.

The Archie MOBILE APP is easily accessible, data efficient and is Android as well as iPhone compatible. Archie Mobile is specifically customised according to the TVET Mathematics curriculum and designed to bring the classroom onto the mobile phones of students nationwide. PAID ACCESS.

You need to pay to access to Archie TVET Maths mobile app ✅.

How to access the platform

1) Click the below weblink whilst on your mobile


2) Insert the unique password: TVET4FREE

3) Once registered, you will be automatically

signed into the Archie learning platform. 

4) Ensure Archie gets added to your mobile phone

home screen as a 'shortcut icon’ (Android devices will automatically prompt you)

Please forward this email to all the respective Mathematics lecturers and students at your campuses

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