Covid-19 Vaccine Information - Feb 2021

Covid 19 and Vaccine - Booklet
Getting to know your Covid-19 Vaccine - Brochure
FAQ - Covid 19 and Vaccination - Booklet

Covid-19 Information

WHO Global situational Report

Resources for Mental Health

List of Resources

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (24 hr helpline 0800 456 789
Suicide Line - 0800 567 567
Life Line - 0861 322 322
Life Line Gender Violence Line - 0800 154 154

Research Questionnare
Social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic among South African Youth

Covid-19 Protocols

Use of Gloves Protocol
Mental Health Protocol
Communication protocol on reporting Covid-19 cases
Protocols on Screening, Testing, Linkage to care and Contact Tracing.
Protocols on Cleaning and Disinfecting
Do's and Don'ts protocols
Protocol for Meetings
Protocols For Student Volunteer Training
Student Residence Protocol
COVID-19-Risk-Assessment-guidelines for Private Accommodation
Wash your hands for 20 seconds
Stay at Home
Social distancing
Do not spread fake news