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It is important to be aware of and make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life in order to reach an optimum level of wellness. Thus, the college will support students to maintain and optimize various dimensions of wellness so that they reach their optimum level of wellness. The following programs are put in place to ensure wellness;

The Disability Service provides advice and support to people with disabilities, as well as specialist services.

• Wellness Peer Mentors (WPMs)

 WPM’s are selected in class and trained to facilitate lessons and assist their fellow class mates to reach out for help. This is a programme that will empower students with critical life skills to navigate their way through life.

HEAIDS Activations

These activations are done in collaboration with HEAIDS in an effort to address and encourage positive healthy lifestyle.

Services provided;

·         HIV and AIDS screening

·         Diabetes

·         TB screening

·         Blood sugar levels

·         BMI

·         Women related cancers

·         Dialogues on men related cancers

·          Medical Male Circumcision


• Edutainment

These activations are done in collaboration with Empower Worx in an attempt to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and self-awareness.

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