Maluti TVET College is a Technical Vocational Education & Training Institution operating under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The College is accredited by Umalusi and several Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs)

The Department of Higher Education and Training was formally established by law in terms of the Presidential Minute No.690 of 06 July 2009 and under Proclamation No.44 of 01 July 2009, the concurrent functions under the FET Colleges Act, 2008 were transferred to the Minister of Higher Education & Training.

The Department of Higher Education & Training comprises of Public TVET Colleges, Public Universities, National Institutes of Higher Education, Trade Testing Centres, Skills Development Institutes and SETAs.

The mandate of the 50 public TVET Colleges is to steadily increase the number of students enrolled and trained in priority and critical skills areas putting FET Colleges at the centre of skills development challenge in South Africa.

The specific focus of public TVET Colleges is to address the skills shortages in South Africa; by offering relevant and responsive vocational and occupational programmes


Our Logo

The figures holding hands—symbolic of our rainbow nation, the strength of which lies in our country.

The spirit of the college is captured in the logo:

  • Development for all
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • White – for peace, transparency and unity
  • Sky blue – reflecting the Drakensberg area, achievement and freshness in approach
  • Green – reflecting the area, fertile lands for growth and development
  • Gold – symbolizing wealth and prosperity
  • Pay– Off Line
  • Our pay –off line: Great Place, Great Choice for Lifelong Learning has been choosen because it perfectly represents what we’re about.


To provide excellence, innovation and success that inspires entrepreneurship and employability to transform lives.


  • Offer relevant and responsive areas of learning, knowledge and skills
  • Provide world class programme in partnership with institutions of excellence nationally and internationally.
  • Sustain public confidence in Maluti TVET College.
  • Maintain a world class culture of teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities for lifelong learning.


  • At Maluti TVET College we are guided by the following Values which are important to us as an organisation

    • Integrity – Uprightness and sincere
    • Accountability – responsible for our actions
    • Innovation – in the forefront of developments
    • Professionalism – the way we conduct ourselves
    • Transparency – openness in all our operations
    • Redress – upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals
    • Inclusiveness – no discrimination
    • Sustainability –  meet the needs of the present without diminishing future opportunities
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